The Conroe GeoTour (Part The First)

We began in earnest, with a burning in our bellies to come back with glory. The Conroe GeoTour is composed of 32 caches distributed all across Montgomery County. It would not be a simple thing to accomplish in one day (nor would we, as the title might suggest, but that’s not important). We set off for the easternmost cache, residing in the park behind the nearby City Hall of Cut and Shoot, Texas. If I cared more about another Texas-based challenge, I would be happy to have this town covered. From there, we went to a park for a large-sized Multi.

Contained within was some clothing and accessories and logging required a photo wearing some of it. With our proximity to St. Patrick’s Day, the attire was a corresponding hat.

We swung back downtown to grab a few. An Unknown that started at the county’s first courthouse was right up my alley, no? But the cache itself was nearby at the county’s newspaper office.

One of the caches (a clever one) led to a new addition to my list of interesting graves. I give you the final resting place of David Vetter, the child who grew famous in the 1970s as the Boy in the Bubble.

We turned out of town to grab several more, including an ancient parking machine in the middle of the woods. That one was, understandably, one of the most favorited in the county.

We rolled around nicer communities and suburbs in the county, eventually finding ourselves at Lake Conroe on the dock of the Southern Empress. Carpenters were working on making repairs, but enough other people had come through that they knew why we were here. They were kind enough to lay some planks down for us so we could pass over, and they pointed the cache out to us.

An upscale RV park provided another before we started heading back into town. The train car was a bit of an issue. The lock wouldn’t open the first time we hit it, even though we had the combination. It was a cheap adjustable lock, so another cacher must have accidentally scrambled it. By the time we got back, it had been found and logged by another cacher who revealed the new combination, but someone else had returned the combination to the original one that didn’t work for us the first time. Convoluted, but victory requires no explanation, perhaps?

While we got one or two more, the daylight did not last, and we ended up having to call it. We ended up with 25 out of 32 for the day, and that was a good showing, but not enough. We would have to work on it the next day. Especially irksome was that we both ended up making the same mistake. We made a sizable detour to grab a challenge at one point during the day because we were already close to it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it and went back to the hunt. We didn’t notice that the northernmost cache we needed for the GeoTour was about a thousand feet from that challenge, meaning we now would have to drive about 30 minutes each way from town again to get it! DOH! Besides, we wanted to catch the evening Event!

We got our registrations for the Big Show and signed the log along with many others. But soon after, we parted ways, deciding to finish our work the next day. She was rolling with friends down towards Houston early in the morning, and I had to be back to lead Team CenTex at…

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