The Conroe GeoTour (Part The Second)

There were only seven caches left from the day before, so we were ready to attack them. We were on a bit of a schedule, though. There was an Event later that we both wanted to attend, but Razorbackgirl was contractually bound to be there. We had time, but the clock was ticking. This one was an Unknown that started in a park but ended in the woods around a megachurch. As we were walking in, we ran into a couple of cachers walking out. We exchanged passwords and showed our decoder rings before tromping around to where they had just come from.

We tromped around more parks and woodlands, coincidentally running into those previously mentioned cachers again! What are the odds? Of course, our least anticipated trip involved going back out to the far-out one we missed. The only thing that made it worth it (other than finishing the GeoTour) was that it was the most favorited cache in the county. We drove back to the pines on roads we knew from before. We found a hiking path, and after a quick jaunt and a pass over some broken trees, we found it.

I get why people like it and gave it favorite points. I didn’t. It was OK, and I appreciated the effort, but it just didn’t do it for me. I’d say that perhaps I’m bitter and jaded (both things are probably true), but I favorited several other caches, so it wasn’t that. We raced back into town to grab a Traditional at a brewery and the final required cache, a four-stage EarthCache. With that accomplished, I opened the Geocaching app and found a notification of a new souvenir.

It was accomplished. And with thirty minutes to spare! We passed through town and stopped at my hotel long enough for me to change shirts and then leave again. She already had her blue shirt, so with a certain, very special ammo can in her trunk, we shot off to another brewery for another Event…

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