And Yet, I Am Up For the Challenge

A couple of days ago, I ran into the most interesting piece of motivation I’ve had in a while. So last week, I was noting that I didn’t feel like going out to find a cache, so I just claimed a Challenge. Austin can be considered flush with Challenges so I decided to go grab a few I hadn’t claimed before for the future. When I go out to do this, I tend to only take ones that either a) I have already completed or b) seem like I have a reasonable chance of completing them in the foreseeable future. Therefore, something along the lines of “get a cache in every State Capital” I would take because, if everything goes as it should, I intend to visit every county in the United States. On the other hand, “get 100 Earthcaches” I would skip. I’ve got over 4700 finds, but only 22 Earthcaches so I have no idea how long it would take to finish that one unless I made a specific effort, which I usually don’t do unless I’m just short of completing a Challenge. Here’s the thing though… Recently, I’ve been looking at a bunch of older Challenges that I never bothered picking up because I never imagined that I would even get close to completing them, and I’ve been pleasantly shocked at how close I am to completing some of them. I never imagined I would ever get a hundred caches in each of ten counties, but I’ve got eight completed and a handful that are at least halfway. Heck, I could stick to the I-35 corridor and finish that one in a weekend between San Marcos and San Antonio.

Twenty states? Well, I’ve got 18 already!
Five hundred caches rated “Other”? Check!
A hundred each of eight cache types? Not even close, but I’ve done five. That counts for something, right?

My point here (and I do have one) is that 3 years ago I never would have thought these would be possibilities and now I’m within grasping distance of them if I don’t have them already! Let’s get back out there! We’ve got some Challenges to accomplish!

One thought on “And Yet, I Am Up For the Challenge

  1. I ran into the same thing. Of course, I’ve been caching a bit longer than you. But in 2020 I suddenly started noticing how many of these Challenges I qualified for. The cache that helped me (finally) fill in my Fizzy Grid was a Challenge Cache.


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