343. Silver City, Grant County (NM27)

What a stunningly handsome creature you are! That said, this is also a hard fought and won courthouse. I couldn’t find anything to lead me to it, and eventually had to find it through the Wikipedia entry for the county, and then use the coordinates to lead me to it. As opposed to going “Hey Siri, take me to the Grant County Courthouse.” This adds an interesting wrinkle in light of the events of Albuquerque. I may have to start doing research ahead of time just to be sure I can find the courthouse before I go to the county. It’s only happened a couple of times in hundreds of counties, but when it happens, it definitely has an effect. I most certainly don’t like the idea of having to travel back to the middle of nowhere because I missed a courthouse. You would think that greater emphasis would be put on one of the most important buildings, but not always, I guess.

My first attempt at a cache was thwarted because it’s in a park that had been closed off, assumably because of the time of cholera. The second attempt was more fruitful. A very clever use of irrigation piping if I do say so myself. It took me a minute to figure this one out. However, because of the time spent both looking for the courthouse and before realizing the first attempt was a bust, I was already thoroughly annoyed. I hoped this would not be a harbinger for the day’s travel, but I took solace in the fact that I didn’t have many stops, they were just incredibly far apart. But I would see how things would go as I headed out to…

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