738. Olympia, Thurston County (WA11)

No. Just plain no. I didn’t think there was an actual traditional courthouse here, or if there was, I couldn’t find it. Turns out there used to be one, but I didn’t get over to see it. This is the County Commissioners and Administration Office. It makes sense that this is where the county is run out of. To be fair, however, this could never be the political center of gravity around here. Not when it’s so close to this…

Welcome to the Washington State Capitol. I’ll admit it: it’s pretty impressive as capitols go. I only wish I had gotten a photograph around the back, though. There’s a giant body of water that I was told is the end of Puget Sound. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised. What did surprise me is that the capital city of Washington only has a population of 56,000. It’s smaller than Cheyenne? Heck, it’s smaller than Longview! And yet Washington’s capitol is nicer than New Mexico’s. Go figure. I also picked up a Virtual on the grounds, but that wouldn’t fulfill the Washington State County Challenge requirements. I ended up grabbing that one on the way in.

So, we hit a mall parking lot and found a birdhouse on a tree.  Nothing special about that.  Opened it and…

Holy crap!  A fishing game?  That’s quite a gadget cache!  Is that all 3D printed in there?  Except for the magnets, of course.  All that printing must have taken forever!  Did the CO design it themselves?  I have so many questions!

You have to fish until you find the ones with the digits to the lock!  That’s super impressive!  As you can imagine, it earned one of my stingily hoarded favorite points and then some!  And award it I did.  Once all business was completed around here, it was back to the road, away from the hustle and bustle of the megalopolis that is Seattle and all the surrounding cities, to quieter environs such as those found in…

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