737. Tacoma, Pierce County (WA10)

I’ve got to be honest with you here.  I have nothing nice to say about this building.  I have no doubt that it is completely suitable to the needs of the county, but aesthetically it is less than meh.  For a minute, I was concerned that maybe I had the wrong building, but the county executive works out of it, so that’s a pretty good indication that it’s right. 

The courthouse I would have liked to get a better view of was the US District Court for Western Washington.  It used to have a different name and function, namely Union Station at the western end of the Transcontinental Railroad.  I got close to it but definitely didn’t enter.  I could have, but the clock was ticking, as it always does (unless you forget to wind it, but who winds clocks anymore anyway?). I got a closer look at it as I was out grabbing caches, though.  I ended up grabbing two special ones right in this area…

The first was a Webcam Cache on the campus of the University of Washington.  That was easy enough.  Since it was running live in real time, I got to watch myself walk to it and then circle around to figure out what direction the camera was in.  A photo was taken and that was one more Webcam Cache in the books for me, the second of the trip and seventh overall! May I also say that I don’t like how the camera adds an indeterminate number of pounds that I will not enumerate at the moment, but that’s not important right now.

The second was a Virtual on the Chihuly Bridge of Glass.  Most Virtuals are pretty low rated, so a D5/T1 Virtual is a thing indeed!  Of course, the Difficulty rating is so high because you have to pick your favorite piece of glass out of so many.  From a more cynical perspective, that was not a big deal.  From a more earnest perspective, it wasn’t as easy as you might think because there was a lot of it.  I spent more time looking at glass than I would have thought.

But neither of those would fulfill the requirements of the Washington State County Challenge.  I ended up going on this long, circuitous drive to end up across the street from all that previous stuff.  In a little park under a major bridge, there was a pergola made of old timbers.  One of the bolts of that pergola was not what it seemed.  It was found and signed, so I took to the road again.  I had been warned to be wary of the so-called “Tacoma Aroma,” but I never encountered it as I left the confines of the city, bound for…

3 thoughts on “737. Tacoma, Pierce County (WA10)

  1. The aroma of Tacoma no longer exists. It was caused by the Smelter that employed hundreds of area people. The Smelter is long gone and so should be the “aroma of Tacoma” tag.


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