Out Of The Past, Into The Future

…or some kind of crap like that.

So, with Kansas in the rearview mirror, whatever would I do with myself? If your answer was “cache,” then you win any prize from the top row!

Even though I previously mentioned that my caching no longer had to be done every day because I was no longer committed to my streak, it’s still ongoing because of course it is. I can’t say that I’ve done anything remarkable from a caching perspective in the meantime. I have been fiddling with schedules and doing planning, though. I rarely talk much about where I’m going and what I’m planning to do. Sometimes plans fall through, and I want to manage expectations. Sometimes opportunities crop up, and I hit the road when I wasn’t originally going to. I try not to say, “I’m going to be in this place at that time.” At least once, I’ve been proven very wrong. Even when that doesn’t happen, my planning is a little loose to account for the unexpected on the road. Sometimes, I don’t keep up with my schedule. Often, because I tend to overestimate delays, I overshoot it a little. There was a chance that I was going to make a trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin, but that fell apart.

Scheduling in the real world has gotten shuffled and complicated, resulting in my inability to make it to WorldWide CacheFest. That makes me sad, and I’m trying to look for options to still go, but, at this point, it looks like there’s only about a 5–10% chance that I’ll be able to make it. The big show, however, is still on! Unless something cataclysmic happens, I will be in Seattle for the 20th (+2) Anniversary. Furthermore, I’m going to be at GeoWoodstock, too! I should probably do something with the week in between, shouldn’t I? I shall. I’m planning to do Washington. All of it. There will be ferries. There might be movie locations. There will definitely be other states. And I might even have a couple of special things to add to all that. We’ll see, won’t we?

3 thoughts on “Out Of The Past, Into The Future

  1. I’ve been looking forward to you visiting Washington since I started following your journey……we have some wonderful courthouses for you to see! And caches galore, including caching HQ. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!


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