Why Didn’t I Think Of This Before?

This post is perhaps the most compelling candidate for my dumbest entry ever. That said, those of you who have been following my adventures for a while are aware that I possess a very special trackable that has been adventuring with me since time immemorial (or at least since Fredericksburg): my trusty and long-suffering umbrella. The original went with me to 114 counties before it was lost on a bus sometime after The Incident. Weeks of contacting the lost and found accomplished nothing except to increase my sadness. In the midst of my preparations for hara-kiri, I realized that the reality of the umbrella was less important than the concept of it (except in the case of actual rain, but that’s not important right now). Therefore, I replaced it with an even better one that went with me to another 443 counties. Alas, it too was lost, possibly at a restaurant in Waco. But I was better emotionally prepared this time. Unfortunately, the company that made the second umbrella no longer makes similar ones. I would have bought ten more of them if I could. I found a new one that would foot the bill and has done so for an additional 162 counties as of this writing. That’s a long and roundabout way to get to my point: I lost the travel bug tag with the first umbrella and never really replaced it.

I tried to buy a replacement tag from an online vendor, but they took my money and never responded (it wasn’t much, but that’s not the point). I’ve poked around looking at other options but never pulled the trigger on any of them because of my experience with the first vendor. Up to this point, the solution was simple enough: a dog tag and a Sharpie. A couple of days ago, an idea popped into my head, and the scales fell away from my eyes. People get tags for their pets all the time! Why didn’t I think of this before? So, I took a trip over to a pet store over the weekend. I bought a tag and made use of the laser engraver. Boom! An awesome replacement for an awesome trackable!

Oh, and I grabbed a few caches, too. Told you this was a dumb entry!

3 thoughts on “Why Didn’t I Think Of This Before?

  1. TBs are fun they go in to limbo.
    I wonder how? then one day cleaning out the car I threw one away? But I recovered it and soon after dropped it in a cache. I did the same figured I just re start old numbers. I did this after picking up one that had had three differ motorcycle with it over the years.
    Good to have your travel bug with you again.


  2. Most TBs come with a second replacement tag. Also, there are many sources online for replacement tags and tokens that you can inscribe your trackable number on. All not so important in your case where you are just using it as a mileage/companion tracker.


    1. Fun fact: the second tag is not a replacement tag! This is a little bit dark, but travel bug tags are modeled on military ID tags: one to return to the unit and one to leave on the body. In this case, one to send out and one to keep the number. You can use it as a replacement tag, but I’d rather keep the original!


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