180. Mount Vernon, Franklin County

Another quite respectably lovely courthouse in the center of a small town.  Nothing particularly of note here.  Or maybe the day was starting to get a little late and it was all blending in together.  I tend to lean for the latter explanation because I somehow forgot to photograph the cache location! 

Sitting just off the highway in a parking lot was this big old iron bull art piece.  Maybe I was thinking I didn’t want to give away the cache location, but I don’t think it was that.  Trust me, when you get there, it’s obvious where it is.   No, I think the heat of the day and the driving were starting to take their toll.  Luckily, I was on the downward slope of today’s trip, but that still meant four more stops to make before arriving back to my awaiting daughters and some dinner.   I jumped on that highway and forty minutes later I made it to…

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