655. Harrison, Boone County (AR73)

Lovely courthouse.  It also has something I’ve only seen once before, specifically back in Denton.  There was an EarthCache based around the courthouse and the various rock types of its monuments.  If I was not rushing, I might have done it, but it required examining six or seven locations around the grounds, and that might have taken twenty minutes or more once all was said and done.  That, and many EarthCaches share the flaw of many Virtuals: they are often low rated on the D/T scale as a matter of course.  Usually, the only time I see them higher is when there’s a significant trek to get to them, giving them a higher Terrain rating.  That said, a D1.0/T1.0 is rarely even worth it.  All that being said, Future Arborists of America, attend!  See how these trees are completely obscuring the front?  This is exactly what I’m talking about right here!  This was the best photo I could get from any vantage point.  Also, not only have they started Christmastime, but they have earned a special place in Christmas HECK!  They have speakers piping out carols on the square!  Again, I’ve only ever run across courthouse speakers back in Lamesa, but this is what happens when you turn them to evil ends!  Just hearing “The First Noel” is already making me a bit stabby…

My first attempt at a cache ran into two problems: 1) it wasn’t there, and 2) I could still hear the carols from the courthouse.  To escape the proverbial ringing of the bells, I drove all the way across town (and, by that, I mean two miles away) to find a quick little park-and-grab.  Unfortunately, the log was so wet that I couldn’t sign it without tearing, but the find was made and proof provided, so that was one more county done with.  With that, I was away again, happily leaving the carols behind me as I raced (for certain values of “raced”) off again to visit…

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