656. Berryville/Eureka Springs, Carroll County (AR74)

The courthouse in Berryville disappointed me.  To be terribly honest, I expected little less.  Dual seat counties had severely disappointed me thus far on this trip.  Eureka Springs, on the other hand, was less disappointing, but the town had a completely different issue: How did it become such a resort town?  And how did it get so badly laid out?  Seriously!  This place makes downtown San Antonio look like a well thought out endeavor.  Eureka Springs was basically the Poconos (or at least what I imagine the Poconos to be like since I’ve never been to New York) in the Ozarks.  Imagine a mix of Taos and the French Quarter with just a soupcon of Las Vegas thrown in…  It was tight winding streets, reminiscent of a European town or even Central City with hipster sensibilities all about.  This, folks, was not my “jam” (as they say in the parlance of our times). 

The first cache I looked for was near a local library in Eureka Springs.  Everything I had seen about the library made me think it would have been a cool place to visit if it was open at 11PM at night.  After a few minutes and some closer reading of the description, I realized the cache wasn’t near the library.  It was inside the library.  I redeployed to a different location, a former chapel that had been converted to a theater.  There I was, out in the crazy cold, searching in the cracks in a rock wall, across the street from a house that was obviously having some kind of movie/TV viewing for its occupants.  But I found the correct crack, and once I managed to craft a makeshift grabber tool out of a stick, it was in my hands!  I did the necessary and returned it to its resting place, happy yet not happy to take to the winding mountain roads out of town.  The resorts and hotels gave way to hillsides and then eventually became highway and urban spread.  I inched my way to the center of the spider’s web to come to a halt in…

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