108. Lamesa, Dawson County

I do know know when I expected when I got here, but it wasn’t what I found here. Lamesa was this odd little intersection between weird and traditional, mundane and funky, and I’m still processing it a little bit. When I got here, there was a baseball game being broadcast through speakers invisibly set up all around the courthouse square. Parked at the businesses across the were small groups of mostly Hispanic men, hanging around on their trucks, having some beers, talking and listening to the game. That’s about the most small town American thing I’ve seen that didn’t involve xenophobia or a tractor. And the courthouse itself?

Check out these gorgeous panels in the sides of it! I have never seen this on another courthouse! Definitely a dash of something different… Of course, my next move was to find a cache. On the way into town, I saw an interesting feature on the way to the courthouse that I thought I’d like to get a better look at thinking That would be a great place to put a cache. Well guess what?

At first I thought it was some kind of advertisement for an ancient tire company that I had never had the faintest inkling existed. Upon closer inspection, she’s a cheerleader for the hometown Lamesa Tornados. That’s no guarantee that she hasn’t been repurposed from an ad of some kind and how she does cheers in those heels is completely beyond me. I decided not to chat this pretty lady up since I couldn’t tell if she was too young for me or too old for me. I grabbed the cache (it’s magnetic. Who’d have thunk it?) and then attended to my personal needs (gas, food, the potty) before heading on down the road. And down the road I went until I ended up in the scenic town of…

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