109. Seminole, Gaines County

Another building of later provenance where the work of the county is done. Another checkbox ticked off my list. I would love to take a year off and do the Challenge again, but spending a day caching in each county (or half a day in some of the smaller ones). I could spend some time in each place, maybe soak up something of greater interest. That said, I’ve already had a few experiences that are not “of greater interest” in a couple of counties so I guess I don’t know if that would still hold up, but I’d love to give it a try.

I might consider changing my motto from “There’s always a cemetery” to “There’s always a baseball field” or maybe not. But I’ve been to more today than in a long time. The cache was as unremarkable as the courthouse, a micro in a tree. But trudging over the red earth, around the fence, and over the clay to get to it? That’s what I remember most. I spilled some water and made an offering to the soil. It felt primal, sacred, almost ageless. And then it isn’t. It’s under the Texas sun, waiting to go on to the next place. I reversed my way, tracking back over my footprints, and got going. Down the road again until I was in…

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