110. Plains, Yoakum County

So here I was, in scenic Plains and what do I find at the Courthouse?

Another of Quanah Parker’s arrows. But not a cache. No, I’d have to get out of town for that (well, I didn’t have to, but since I was going for high favorite caches, I kinda did)…

So there’s this bed and breakfast outside of town. Quite a spread it seems. There’s room for bringing both family and horses. I’d post a link to its website, but it doesn’t look like they have one. And, as you can see, they’re kind enough to keep a cache at the front gate. I signed the log, traded some horse coins for a 2017 planner and headed on out again. The sun was getting low and I still had more to do. I flew away from the B&B and soon arrived in…

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