125. Wheeler, Wheeler County

I’m beginning to wonder if I should start rating courthouses on aesthetics, impressiveness, or possibly both. Or maybe some kind of overall rating. Like for instance this one… It would get high marks for both aesthetics and impressiveness, but in an overall rating, it would lose points because it’s lacking some je ne sais quois. But, more importantly, this is actually the beginning of a theme that will be recurring the entire trip.

It’s not the first one of these I’ve run into (four times previous, actually). Turns out there’s an entire series of caches at these up here! So back behind me where you can’t see is a tree and in that tree…

BOOM. Mark my words… I’m seriously considering having a t-shirt printed that says “Quanah Parker is my homeboy!” He is no joke the MVP of this entire trip. That said, I went on down the road and ended up in…

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