124. Wellington, Collingsworth County

And we continue up the Panhandle. Again, I’m wondering about the overlap between courthouse and high school architecture, but here we are, seeing what we’re seeing. Obviously there’s no central air because I’ve never seen so many window units sticking out of a courthouse. Their power bills must be crazy…

This was kind of interesting. Turns out the Ozark Trail was a semi-privately maintained roadway system that ran from St. Louis to El Paso in the 20’s and ran through the Panhandle. Eventually, with the passage of time, the Trail was incorporated into Route 66 I wish I had known about it before I got up there because it turns out that most of the remaining markers are in several towns that I would soon be visiting.

The cache was pretty boring, a micro hidden on a street sign. The title claimed that it was in the view of a windmill (there are windmills all over the Panhandle), but I never saw it. No matter. It was time to get going and time waits for no man. I got moving on down the road until I arrived in…

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