353. Hollis, Harmon County (OK03)

A lot like the ones in the Panhandle, no? No doubt, considering I’m pretty much equidistant from Wellington, Childress, and Quanah (which isn’t actually the Panhandle, but oh well). Just another of those small town courthouses, surrounded by homes and churches. There’s a school a couple of blocks away, or possibly some kind of “city” building. It’s so small I can’t really tell without getting closer, but I’ve got better things to do than that right now.

The cache was a trackable hotel very close to the holy borders of Texas. Of course, while digitally it contained trackables, in reality it had none. Log your trackables, people! Why pick them up if you aren’t going to do so? I get that accidents happen. I’ve to forgotten to log in a trackable before, so I’m not judging (very much), but what is even the point of collecting them if you’re not going to do anything with them? Anyway, a trackable hotel with no trackables is just sad so I left one. Luckily I grabbed a few before I left home for exactly this reason. Too bad I couldn’t switch some out, but that is the way of things sometimes. My work here was done. It was time to turn my sights a little more northerly. A quick hop, skip, and jump and I was ready to do my thing in…

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