354. Mangum, Greer County (OK04)

Everybody seems to be interested in old Greer County, the greater county that included present day Greer, Beckham, and Harmon counties, because I see lots of things referencing it. That said…

…I like the sentiment of this being built by the Civil Works Administration for the relief of “suffering humanity.” I have trouble seeing something like this being done in this day and age. The very idea of doing something at the federal level just to make things better for the people seems almost crazy at this point, but I leave further consideration to the reader.

I also noticed the fountains at each corner of the grounds. This is definitely like nothing I’ve seen up to this point. I’m sure they’re a lovely oasis, but that might also involve water that may not even be around these parts anymore.

I originally thought about going to a trackable hotel nearby, but I opted against it. Not only was “nearby” actually the next town over, but I haven’t had a lot of luck with trackable hotels out here in the middle of nowhere. Besides, someone was nice enough to put a cache at the park across the street from the courthouse. If I had known when I got here, I would have just grabbed it on my walk around the grounds, but with principal photography done, I took the lazy way and drove around the block to it. It took a few minutes more than I would have expected, but it soon enough found, signed, and returned. I quickly got back on the road and zipped over to…

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