106. Snyder, Scurry County

This was kind of an interesting place architecturally, I thought. Clever little buttresses, a slightly progressive feel from the older time when it was built. I can’t entirely explain it. You ever just find yourself drawn to something? I just like it. I can’t entirely explain it, but I like it. Not entirely logical, but that’s alright. It doesn’t have to be.

I don’t usually note failed caches, but the location was of note. You see that giant arrow over there? It’s one of a series of art installations dedicated to Quanah Parker. This one is across the street from the courthouse and, as fate would have it, is the home of a cache. Except I didn’t find it and I tried hard. I didn’t want to have to waste any of the time I’d saved. I ended submitting it for maintenance. It must have been gone because otherwise it would be a lot harder than its difficulty would lead you to to believe. As fate would have it, it’s since been found so obviously I was wrong.

But there’s always a cemetery. Heck, maybe that should be my motto… About a mile back I found this one. Deep in the back corner of this cemetery there’s a little shrine of sorts and “buried” inside it is a little statue containing the cache. It was signed and returned. I didn’t lose much time before I got back on the road. I wish I had gotten a picture of the town limit sign telling me to “Scurry” on back. But before I knew it, I found myself in…

2 thoughts on “106. Snyder, Scurry County

  1. Snyder is my hometown. An older courthouse (not the original but a second one built about a hundred years ago) is still in there- surrounded by all that granite. Its pretty much hated by the citizens mainly due to the absence of windows.


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