105. Colorado City, Mitchell County

It’s a little bit embarrassing how little time I spent here in Colorado City. I mean, I usually don’t schedule much time to do things while I’m in any county. When I’m trying to hit 15 or more in a day? Fuggedaboutit. I walk, I take my photos, I go. That’s the long and short of it. Not that this courthouse isn’t a beautiful old girl, but I have things to do. The visit was especially because I managed to grab my cache on the way here…

There’s always a cemetery. I saw this one on the way into town and thought to myself that there is probably one there. And there was! There’s series called the Texas Spirit Quest that is devoted to bring people to cemeteries. There’s well over a hundred, mostly clustered around Houston and here. In fact, this area is where it all started. I’ve been to lots of them and this is adding one more to the list. I can;t remember exactly what the cache was, though I believe it was a micro in a tree (<sarcasm>my favorite kind</sarcasm>). I do remember a family coming to a nearby grave site and beating a hasty retreat. I did have a courthouse to visit, after all…

I want to say that there was more to this town, but I can’t. The most interesting thing I saw was a couple of old men sitting around a few blocks away and talking. A sleepy town and a completed destination, I left to reach my newest destination…

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