326. Greenville, Washington County (MS03)

I seem to be spending a lot of time in Mississippi for a state I’m pretty ambivalent about. That being said, I like this courthouse. I’m not remembering seeing anything quite like it, especially here. Natchez and Vicksburg were more plantation like, but this one seems more solid and less showy. Of course, that might be because those other two probably made more money from the trade on the river, but what do I know or care about the historical economics of the area?

Someone was nice enough to leave a nano on one of the multiple iron signs on the property. It turned out to be an unexpected boon. You see, for quite a while I’ve been working a challenge to find caches with state names. I could “cheat” and go up to San Angelo, where there is a trail of caches, each named after a different state, but I’ve been working it organically in the wild. Texas was easy as you can imagine. Colorado City was a good one. A visitor had an event here that mentioned they were from Delaware. So naming this cache after the Washington County Courthouse turned out to be quite helpful and totally worth the trip, especially considering I will probably have to wait a year before making it up to HQ like I planned. But my business here was complete and, as previously mentioned, I have a certain ambivalence about this state. I went back the way I came with a quickness. I crossed back over into Arkansas and, after grabbing a Chicot County cache which would also give me Arkansas for that challenge, I headed northward to get to…

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