713. Washington, Washington County (KS091)

Fun fact: there are thirty-one counties (or county equivalents) named Washington.  For me, this is number seven!  The courthouse is a little art deco, which I appreciate.  The fasces at the top are a nice little detail, but in our day and age, I think they are becoming a little problematic depending on your political bent.  I also have no doubt they put that star up for Christmas and never bothered taking it back down.  Why not just install it more permanently, but with hinges on it?  When Christmastime rolls around, you can raise it up, and when Christmas is over, you can fold it back down again. 

There was supposedly a cache in a community park space across from the courthouse.  The hint was perplexing, but I gave it some time, though I couldn’t find it.  I didn’t want to devote too much energy to it, so I popped up the road to a place called Mormon Springs.  When Mormons would pass through from Fort Riley heading to Utah, they would often stop here, leaving carvings in the sandstone outcroppings of the area.  I found an ammo can waiting for me in a well-hidden spot between rocks and high grass.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, and then on the road again to…

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