636. Fayetteville, Washington County (AR55)

Welcome back to Arkansas, Folks.  I don’t know what I expected when I got here, but I was pretty impressed with the town.  Of course, if I had a minimum of research, I would have known it’s the second largest city in Arkansas and home to the University of Arkansas.  It was a big city with a modern courthouse to match.  Well, not super modern or anything. A lot of red brick, but a very stylish yet conservative look that set it apart from most of the more modern courthouses I run across.  Not bad at all…

The cache was at a nearby Little Free Library.  I always enjoy seeing these little bits of community when I’m out on the road.  This one, as well as having books, was devoted to seeds and other agricultural subjects, going so far as to have a little seed bank for trading.  The log was easy enough to find and, once I signed it, I was off again.  I had noticed another nearby cache that claimed to be a 4.0/1.0 lamppost so I decided to check it out.  I had reasons to get moving ASAP, but considering how easy the official cache was and that it was just after midnight and I had tons of time, I decided could spare a little extra time.

It turned out to be a magnetic tin that was supposed to be 12 feet off the ground but was really just out of my tip-toe reach.  My trusty maglight was enough extra length to slide it down.  I went ahead and signed it, but needed to return it, preferably to where it should have been in the first place.  As fate would have it, I brought my pole with me.  I usually don’t when I’m on the road.  My ladder, yes, but I usually assume that I’m not to go for anything that might require a pole.  Once I attached the hook, I slid it back up to where it should have been and maybe a little bit higher before.  Sure, it probably should have been a 2.0/5.0, but who am I to quibble about such things?  I uncharacteristically had two caches for the county as I started moving east, going to…

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