637. Huntsville, Madison County (AR56)

The courthouse was nice enough and all, but this was my first taste of the scourge of my photography around this time of year, early Christmas decorations. 

Christmas already takes up a lot of time it shouldn’t receive and doesn’t deserve.  Many people seem to act as if the Christmas season begins with the end of Halloween.  As someone who believes it must wait until the end of Thanksgiving, I say a hearty and full-throated NO!  Here, they obviously made preparations before Turkey Day.  Even though this, the early morning of the Friday after Thanksgiving, is the first “legal” time when they should be displayed (and this is a hill I will die on), I was not enthused to see them.  Not only do they obscure the courthouses themselves and detract from the timeless feel I would like them to have, I feel silly having entries going into January with Christmas stuff all over them. 

A local beauty shop provided the mustache themed cache.  It also brought up a question: where did they get mustache tape for it?  While I have no doubt it involved the world’s largest online retailer (who have often provided me with highly specific or hard to source objects), who would think to make such a thing?  I know not.  The only thing I did know was that there was a lot more life going on around here than one would think at 1:00 in the morning.  On the courthouse square, there was an all night gym with at least one patron employing its facilities, while a bunch of people were crossing the square, coming from a party laughing and chatting.  At the beauty shop I could hear the sounds of R&B and party sounds coming from the open window of a different gathering.  Apparently, Huntsville is “lit” (as they say in the parlance of our times).  Alas, I am not.  I took my grognard self (or should that be grinchy self?) back on the road east, going to…

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