714. Belleville, Republic County (KS092)

Good show, Republic County!  That’s a beautiful piece of art deco if ever I’ve seen one!  It immediately made me think of Iberia Parish.  I wondered if the architects were the same, though it’s more logical that they would have been local/regional in both cases (and they turned out to be).  May I also add that I find myself a bit excited to be this close to the world’s largest ball of twine again?  I am truly a complicated man.

The cache made me feel a bit stupid.  There were a few caches right across the street from the courthouse.  I originally opted for one at a small theater on the square.  I knew the cache was magnetic, so I looked and looked. Well, at least as much as I could without drawing attention. (There were muggles about, after all.) But I just could not for the life of me figure out where it was on all the metal of the facade.  Once I felt that I might be drawing a little attention from the lady operating the snack counter, I decided to abort and redeploy to another part of the square.  Once I arrived, I realized that there were big steel trash cans at both locations.  I didn’t check for it at the first one, but look what I found at the second one!  Once it was found and signed, I moved again.  I was once again in a bit of a race for time.  One of my soon-to-be-reached destinations had a very specific cache I wanted, and I was worried that I wouldn’t make it there before sunset.  I shot off again, this time passing through…

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