715. Concordia, Cloud County (KS093)

I wish I had an easy way to handle sound effects.  Only then could you truly experience my groans of distaste upon reaching here.  This courthouse is possibly the most unsatisfying a courthouse can be without provoking active disdain.  Soon enough, my almost-active disdain would metastasize into straight-out disapproval. 

How are you going to have a kugel ball and not have it running?  This is where Cloud County really lost me. It doesn’t take that much water, and yet it’s totally wasted if you don’t use it as intended!  Heck, if Amarillo can do it, anyone can do it!

Luckily, I grabbed the cache on the way here.  I slipped off the road to get a Virtual at one of the remaining guard towers for a POW camp from World War II.  Built in 1943, it held four thousand German prisoners, mostly from the North African campaigns, until it was closed in 1945.  I’m sure I could say something about this being the last good war or about how German prisoners were treated so much better than American prisoners or something else jingoistic like that.  Perhaps you might imagine me waxing hagiographic about the so-called Greatest Generation.  That’s not going to happen.  I will say this: in this place, a people untouched by the horrors of war showed mercy to the captured enemy, who were themselves merely sons of the Deutschland soil.  And when those men went back to their broken country, they remembered that they were shown a certain kindness they had no reason to expect.  That is, perhaps, the best that can be said about it all.  Certainly, all I will say anyway.  Besides, time was ticking away.  I raced away from my disappointment to halt on the central square of…

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