298. New Iberia, Iberia Parish (LA42)

Oh, my… Aren’t you a gorgeous creature? Yes, you are! This is without a doubt the most stunning WPA courthouse that I’ve seen to date. I’ve seen ones with art deco stylings, but nothing quite this bold. I don’t believe it was finished until 1940, so maybe it’s late construction had a hand in it, but BRAVO. If only I could see more of your ilk about, I (and the general public, I think) would be a happier man.

On this cache, though, I failed you all. That saddens me, not just because I let you down, but because it was a good one. The coords led to a doorway of a printing company, but they ultimately turned out to be off a bit, which was good, because if they weren’t this one would have been crazy brilliant hiding a cache along a flat stucco wall that way. It turned out to be a small metal electrical box at the foot of a telephone pole. And it was good. The CO used the same electrical conduit pipe as on other boxes in the area and even used tar to attach and seal things instead of epoxy or glue, making it even more realistic. I’ve never seriously considered using tar for something like this, but, then again, all it takes is to see something for the first time to get one thinking about the possibilities. But a cache is a cache is a cache. It was claimed and then I went on. The westward progress continued on until I arrived in what would be the unintended but ultimate destination of the trip…

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