327. Arkansas City, Desha County (AR10)

Tom Sawyer, you’d have some work to do here! So, I’m having a weird conflict about this courthouse. It is bright and stunning in white, definitely the central building of the county, no doubt. However, this prominence is in comparison to the other structures of the county. While in certain ways it reminds me of a few of the ones in the Panhandle, this is the first courthouse that I think looks like a house. And a heck of a house it is, but a house nonetheless. But I didn’t spend very much time here, county or courthouse. Someone was kind enough to place a cache nearby.

There’s an annex here and by the annex is some kind of outbuilding that’s probably used for storage. Under one of the corners of the wheelchair ramp leading up to it is a film canister. I signed it, returned it, and quickly enough got moving on. The day was more than half over and I had almost two hundred miles back to the border and five hours of driving in Texas to get home. Heading west, I made my way to…

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