631. Augusta, Woodruff County (AR50)

This reminds me so much of Desha County that it almost hurts.  Except for the whitewashing, I mean.  I am now convinced that I have never noticed square towers even though I’ve been seeing them all over the southern United States.  That said, this is a nice red brick edifice.  This is also a complete and total (well, maybe partial) audible.  Darn my now practiced skills for allowing me to roll all night and getting me finished far before I expected!  But why just stop in Searcy at dawn?  Well, there were a few reasons and it wasn’t like I wasn’t going to be back up in the area in a few weeks anyway.  But again, every county I can pick up earlier is one I don’t have to go back to for later.  In the case of the impending trip, that means I should have a little time to go up to Missouri and back to that little corner of Kansas I didn’t have time for before.  Hope springs eternal.

There’s always a cemetery.  I originally planned to grab one in a nearby park, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it even though the D/T and hint seemed completely obvious.  It’s possible that it may have been a regional thing that I hadn’t seen before or perhaps individual to the CO, but I didn’t want to put that much time into it.  No matter.  This was a few blocks away, a pill bottle in a tree.  Simple, to the point, and easy.  I headed over to a gas station to, well, get gas and avail myself of their facilities before continuing on to…

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