632. Wynne, Cross County (AR51)

Well, it was the 70’s (I assume).  This courthouse does not spark joy.  In fact, if fills me with a bit of a…revulsion?  That’s too strong a word.  What’s a word that describes less than revulsion but more than apathy?  Disdain perhaps?  I think I’m going to go with that. 

At least that disdain was somewhat mellowed by the helicopter out front, so I guess that’s cool?

The cache, on the other hand, if not sparking joy, certainly did not provoke disdain.  It was pretty rural.  It looked like it was on someone’s property close to the road edge on a tree in an ammo can.  Simple and easy enough.  Of course, a little part of me would have bumped up the terrain level of the cache, but that was hardly something to quibble about.  With that, I realized that I was a lot closer to Memphis than I had intended to be this trip.  I started on a northward road to reach…

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