633. Harrisburg, Poinsett County (AR52)

This courthouse I like.  It reminds me of Georgetown with the dome and all.  It also offers a useful instructional opportunity for the Future Arborists of America.  Notice how the front is partially obstructed by trees?  Not bad, but not great.  On the other hand…

…the back is unencumbered by them.  See how gorgeous it is?  Wouldn’t both facings be so much better if they were open and visible? 

The cache was placed by the local 4-H chapter at the local Cooperative extension service.  I’m not 100% sure what a cooperative extension service does, but I know it’s agricultural in nature.  I’ve seen enough of them in my travels over the years so you would think I’d know by now or would have at least googled the concept.  Of course, since I still haven’t googled it as I’m sitting here writing about, you can tell that I’m not all that flustered by that lack of knowledge.  The cache was once an ammo can, but now it is a camouflaged peanut butter jar tucked away in the bushes.  I took the opportunity to drop a trackable since people seem to come through and find this one often, unlike the ammo can outside of Wynne, and then was back on my way.  This audible was getting long and I had two more things to get done before heading towards home.  I started my way westward and came to rest again in…

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