634. Newport, Jackson County (AR53)

More square towered proof that I have the observational skills of a marmot.  At this point, I think they’re almost following me around, intent on reminding me of my folly.  That said, it is a stunning edifice.  It shares a similar style with a lot of smaller courthouses, but with a much grander scale.  It makes me wonder if the same architects were involved.  That’s a much bigger rabbit hole than I’m willing to go down from a courthouse perspective, but I wouldn’t be surprised since every county needed a courthouse and why not go with someone who has a proven track record in other counties?

The cache turned out to be a keybox on some ductwork behind a florist.  I noticed that it was painted to blend in a little, but it was placed where the blending didn’t matter much.  You either saw it or you didn’t, and the color wasn’t much of an obstacle.  But that wasn’t particularly important.  What was important was that I would soon start heading home, but first I had to go to (or, rather, go back t7

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