126. Canadian, Hemphill County

The sky keeps getting dark and the clouds get foreboding. I prefer that gray and overcast coolness, but this wasn’t it. This was a storm hanging around, wanting to give itself vent, waiting to offer its water to the Texas earth. Or some kind of thing like that if you’re in the mood to wax poetic about the weather. I’d driven through a little bit of rain at this point. I’d been following the weather in nearby cities. I was prepared for the possibility of it; it’s the reason I bought an umbrella in the first place.

I can’t tell you if Canadian is actually the best on Texas Past, Present and/or Future, but I do know that they were kind enough to remind me of the Confederate connection of the county’s namesake so there’s that minor blemish (IMHO YMMV). Otherwise…

…aaaayyyyyyyy! Quanah Parker is my homie… In and out, nothing special. Grabbed, signed, returned, and driving again until I made it to…

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