654. Yellville, Marion County (AR72)

I was pretty conflicted about this courthouse face.  It’s got the flag and the monuments and even a clock, all the things usually found out front, but it doesn’t feel like it should be the front.  On the other hand, the back looks much more interesting, and it’s got the historical plaques that you usually find out front of the courthouse, along with the box for dropping off payments and (I can only assume) votes.  I don’t usually get involved with the political goings-on in the various places I go, but I did stop for a few minutes to tear a Nazi sticker off the county payment box.  It’s a small act, but an important one.  To paraphrase the immortal words of the Dead Kennedys, “Nazi punks, BLANK off.” 

As for the cache, look what I found on a guard rail!  A test tube/baby soda bottle stuck in a crevice.  A quick find for a quick retreat because I was a hair’s breadth from accomplishing my greater goal for the day, hence my haste in hurrying off to…

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