429. Chickasha, Grady County (OK23)

Now this courthouse is more like it. I don’t know if old school weathered stone edifices like this are going to be common around here, but I’m really hoping so. Not that Stephens County was all that bad. It’s just that this is better. So much better…

…and it had a monument, too, so there’s that. As a fun little sidenote, I had been having a problem with something in my shoe. Whenever I’d walk around, I could feel it poking me in the foot, but I just could not for the life of me find a rock or twig or anything in there. So I sat and took a really good look. When I was looking for that FTF on the way here, I ended up getting into a little rough brush. Well, apparently I stepped on a thorn and it went all the way through my sole, and when I walked on it, it would poke out just enough to rub my foot, but would recede when I wasn’t putting pressure on it. I pulled it out from below and that fixed the problem, but it makes me think that I might want to replace my tennis shoes at some point in the foreseeably near future. It also reminds me how glad I am to have boots for real tromping around in the wilderness.

The cache was a few blocks away from the courthouse at a quilting store. It’s nice to see small family businesses anywhere these days. Everything seems to be getting gobbled up by large big box stores. They’re especially valued in these times when pandemic shutdowns have had such an effect on small businesses everywhere. The cache itself was a keybox on the back of something metallic in the picture. I have been accused of ruining caches, so I’m not going to give you all the details, but it was, as always, fun to see a lot of names on that log that I know, even some of readers. There was also another virtual in town that I wanted to get, but in this case, I intentionally let it go. I had already passed it on the way into town and didn’t want to go back. So I just had to continue on down the road, soon to reach…

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