430. Anadarko, Caddo County (OK24)

We don’t have one of these back in Texas, but there’s something similar in Louisiana… The funny thing is that the courthouse itself isn’t all that interesting or nice looking in and of itself, but the way it’s lit along with the exterior design make it look quite striking at night. If I was here during the day, I don’t think I’d be particularly impressed, but this? This will work.

The Veterans’ Memorial was quite striking. The buffalo looks like the brother of the one back in Sayre. I saw another like it on the way into town at an Apache visitor’s center or something similar.

I found this lovely little pocket park around the corner. The wisdom on its walls is a bit grizzly, but ultimately correct. Ironically, this was next door to a theater called The Redskin. How it keeps that name when Washington’s football team wouldn’t I don’t know. I could also see this being a lovely little lunch spot on a warm day. At the moment, however, it was neither warm nor day.

It was a little difficult to get a cache here. The only caches in town were a virtual, which was useless to me for the Oklahoma County Challenge, and one in the town cemetery, which I’m not touching in the middle of the night. I went down the road to a nearby town, but that ended up being a DNF. I went down the road a bit further to a local church in the next town, but sheriff’s deputies got a little curious why I was poking around in the middle of the night a church in the middle of the night. So I ended up telling them about geocaching. Once they knew, they offered to hang around while I looked for it so nobody else would call about a random dude poking around the church, while they ran my license for warrants, of course. Really, guys? Someone in this town is going to be up at two in the morning? All they found was a speeding ticket I received in New Mexico (back in Alamogordo, if you must know). There’s my shame, perhaps my sin. Fairly sure that the State of Oklahoma wouldn’t extradite me to New Mexico over a ticket, they gave me back my license and, after chatting about some things for a few minutes, I continued on down the road. And all that for another DNF. I ended up finding a piece from a geoart shaped like the Eiffel Tower, devoted to the game Risk. I invaded Greenland! I turned off the highway and thirty seconds later I’m driving up and down red clay hills to find this tree at 2:30 AM! Why do I do this? Some days I wonder… But that said, I found it and claimed it so I could get the heck out of this county! I happily got back on the highway and sped (yes, sped) off to…

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