543. Chappell, Deuel County (NE06)

I was (and still am) more than a little curious about the blue lights on the front. I don’t ever remember seeing them at another courthouse. I’m not aware of this being some sort of dark sky preserve like in West Texas and parts of New Mexico and Colorado, and I know for a fact that blue isn’t the preferred light color for that anyway (red and yellow diffuse much better in the atmosphere, and blue messes up the circadian rhythms of humans and animals alike). I can only assume there’s a good reason and I’m just not hip to it. Also, as I drove up to the building, someone shot off a firework right behind it. Man, that could have been the most stunning shot of a courthouse I had ever gotten. I waited for a moment in hopes that my phantom pyrotechnician would ply their trade once more, but it was not to be. Thus is life…

For my cache, I pulled into a truck stop area and did my favorite thing in the whole world: looking for a micro in a tree in the dark! I don’t know if you caught the sarcasm there, so I take this opportunity to state that it is, in fact, NOT my favorite thing and, more than likely, is at a minimum on the short list for my LEAST favorite thing. In this case, though, of the three caches there, this was the easiest to get. There were too many muggles around, both trucker and other, to safely pull out a ladder or, god forbid, a pole. I don’t even know if it’s possible to feel more suspicious than tromping around with a flashlight in a populated are. Even unpopulated areas can get dicey sometimes… Luckily for me though, all these guys were in their trucks, resting after a hard day of moving the products that keep this nation running or something suitably patriotic/capitalistic or some such, so I managed to get the cache and get back on my way, going on to another night time assignation in…

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