544. Sidney, Cheyenne County (NE07)

Not a bad look. Not at all… Of course, I could do without the giant light there, but meh. I liked the colonnade/atrium feel of it. The big central area made it feel more open and inviting. Sure, it takes away from the interior space that can be used, but there’s something to be said for a People’s House that feels like it wants people to actually enter (as to whether one can consider a courthouse to be “the People’s house,” well that’s a completely different discussion). But here I go, anthropomorphizing things again…

As for the cache, I’m not sure… You think this might be it? Kudos in this case to the Sidney/Cheyenne County Chamber of Commerce. They were kind enough to leave one nearby at their headquarters so who was I to refuse? The least I could do was sign it and log it. And, with that, I was done here. I took a quick assessment of the time, my feelings, my hunger levels, and several other metrics. I decided that I had one more county in me and set off to make the best use of my remaining time, traveling to…

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