542. Julesburg, Sedgwick County (CO13)

If this isn’t a WPA courthouse, I’ll eat a hat! A hat made of food, mind you, but a hat none the less… I know that I occasionally complain about how courthouses don’t do this kind of interesting carving and scrollwork anymore. Why is it that nobody has made some kind of mold or stamp that can at least replicate that? it would accomplish the same thing at a much lower expense, and it’s common enough in cement work that it shouldn’t be terribly expensive. Just a side thought about architecture that doesn’t seem to exist, which is not what you are here for, but you know who I am…

As for the cache, I expected a large. That’s what it’s supposed to be, but it looks like the original container has been replaced. If you’re going to call something a certain size, you should replace it with something of that size. I get that not everyone passing through (this was at a rest stop) can replace a large if it needs maintenance, but then again it’s not exactly a passerthrough’s responsibility, now it is? So something something cache maintenance something. That said, I also found a vape pen and an entire array of CBD oils and other flavored stuff during my search. If I was a vaping man, I would have hit the jackpot! But I’m not so not so lucky for that. The sun was going down, but my energy levels were not yet, which was not surprising though I had been running for more than 24 hours at that point. I had a few more counties in me before I needed sleep so on I went. Once again, the closest county was not in the state, so I shot back off to Nebraska as the sun dropped lower and had a small bit of twilight left to take my photographs in…

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