255. Shreveport, Caddo Parish (LA01)

This is actually a slightly accidental encounter. I arrived in Shreveport late and ended up staying in a hotel for the night. The night manager told me that, for reasons ultimately relating back to the time of cholera, they would not be serving breakfast. This was a blow that I might not recover from. What is even the point of a passably decent hotel if there’s no breakfast? I was also trying something a little different. I usually eat like crap when I’m out on the road and I wanted to maybe heat a little healthier considering the circumstances. So, after a decent night’s sleep, I nipped out to find a convenience store to pick up something to prepare in the room before heading off for the day. Unfortunately, instead of making a right turn out of the parking lot, I made a left turn. Which means I made a left turn again, which led me over a bridge, and then, all of a sudden, check out what I was passing on the left! Since I was already here and the illumination level was high enough, I did what I came here to do.

Aside from the Paris-like tribute to the heroes of the Confederacy (I only said I wouldn’t complain about it, not that I wouldn’t mention it), the grounds were bare of monuments, which somehow surprised me a bit. I had it in my mind that the courthouses would be replete with memorials to war dead, Confederate or otherwise. That said, we all know what they say about assumptions.

The cache itself was quite easy. Someone was kind enough to leave a virtual here named, aptly enough, Caddo Parish Courthouse. Don’t worry, I didn’t show you what you need so you (or anyone else) can armchair it. Technically, I didn’t really have to do this since I already visited the grave of Ledbelly, but when I get the courthouse, I might as well get a cache to go with it to be my official find for the Louisiana Parish Challenge.

But my stomach had the last word. It was time to eat and so I was off. I managed to acquire some milk and cereal, broke my proverbial fast, and, slowly and lackadaisically (and, by that, I mean after sunrise), made my way out to my next destination…

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