266. Alexandria, Rapides Parish (LA12)

Welcome to civilization? This may very well (other than Shreveport) be the biggest town I have been to thus far. It’s not really a town, seeing that it’s over 45,000 people, and yet, it feels much bigger than it actually is. The way the size of a town/city feels has always been a bit of a strange thing for me. For instance, this feels much bigger than it actually is, while Longview (population over 80,000) feels so much smaller. I’m sure some of it is sprawl vs. density or even something about more obvious infrastructure, but I’m also not about to deep dive into civil engineering, either. If I ever find someone who can give me a short TED talk over lunch, I may tackle the question here but, until then, I’ll let it dangle as so many other musings have.

There were a couple of monuments at least. That said, the cache was an LPC at a Walgreen’s. Highly uninspired and definitely not photo worthy, but it did the job and, after grabbing gas, got me back on the road to…

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