267. Colfax, Grant Parish (LA13)

So, this is an interesting courthouse from an architectural perspective. See those windows? I’ve never seen anything quite like those. They seem very 1950’s but I’m not quite sure what to make of them. In fact, it’s beginning to make me think that maybe I might want to read a book on courthouse architecture or two. Of course, I don’t even know if there are any books on the subject that aren’t art books or too deep a scholarly dive. Maybe I’ll spend some time hunting that down, but not today.

Colfax Riot? That sounds vaguely interesting in the not good way. And then I consulted Wikipedia. Holy. Crap. I’m sure I could expound on some things less eloquently than other people have, but, in light of the last few weeks, read up on this a little and let this be an earlier example of why we’ve been seeing some of the unrest gripping our country.

The cache supposedly on the courthouse grounds didn’t materialize after a short inspection, but I didn’t DNF it because I don’t feel i gave it a truly thorough search. I didn’t want to spend that much time on it. I ended up going a little down the road to a little park with a walking path. I took a minute, looked at the trees, soaked in the dampness (and, yes, everything was waterlogged), and eventually made my way to the appropriate tree which was connected to a bison tube. My duty was done quickly enough and I returned to the car to head on down the road, eventually coming to a stop in…

3 thoughts on “267. Colfax, Grant Parish (LA13)

  1. Yes, I clicked on the link. I was reading Foner’s book on Reconstruction and I had to stop because it was just too gut-wrenching and sickening and depressing. We haven’t changed all that much. Even in the North reconstruction was painted in a positive light without touching at all on what those in the south did to blacks during that time. Ugh. I guess you got a bit of history you weren’t expecting that day.


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