257. Minden, Webster Parish (LA03)

A slightly more respectable courthouse than the last one, I was minorly thrown. I had assumed, just as in Shreveport, that there would be more monuments. There weren’t any here at all, questionable or otherwise. So I really had little to do but walk down the street to the closest cache.

Down the street was a little park, almost like a little courthouse square, but pains seemed to be taken to differentiate the two. I’m not if this is an intentional choice or what, but it was filled with myrtles and other flowering trees, soaking up all the water that Louisiana is made of. And it is made of a lot of water… One of those trees held my quarry: a preform in the branches sprouting from the trunk. I popped the red top and then deed the proverbial needful. And not a moment too soon.

The clouds were heavy and ominous, pregnant with rain. They would soon burst to short but full storm during a bathroom stop but I managed to stay dry and get moving again, flinging water from my tires, until I reached…

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