157. Breckenridge, Stephens County

Now that’s a courthouse. Make I take a moment to give an architectural shoutout to two interesting architectural features here…

The one on the left? I will never (well, hardly ever) not give a nod to one of the most influential and interesting Byzantine (actually Roman, so Gibbon can go suck a lemon) emperors. The one on the right? That’s the doorway from the original courthouse.

As for the cache, I was led to a side lot of an environmental testing company. it was a bit overgrown, but not terribly so, and in one corner of it, there was a rock and you know the rest… Things were signed, swag was exchanged, stuff was replaced, and then back on the road. The pull of home was calling and I wanted to answer that call. But I still had things to do on the way back. I inched still closer, stopping in…

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