156. Albany, Shackleford County

So, Albany…!

Yeah, I got nuthin’. Nothing clever or super interesting. It’s got a lot of war monuments, so there’s that. Just an earnest small town.

Apparently there’s a long running outdoor musical here called the Fort Griffin Fandangle. I only know this because my first attempt at a cache was near the actors’ entrance for Fort Griffin. I didn’t particularly feel like hacking around in that foliage, though. It might have been a T1.5 once, but it’s definitely overgrown since then. I ended up driving back and grabbing a key box off a guard rail on the road into town. I ended having to dodge a bit of high speed traffic (don’t do this, kids) to get across to it, and once that was done I had no need to stay. Back in the car, turned around, and kept on going to…

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