158. Palo Pinto, Palo Pinto County

Tiny… We’re talking Paint Rock tiny. There’s a little bit going on here, but not a lot worth going into detail over. I just want to do my business and get going. The closest cache was a couple blocks away at the cemetery (there always is one).

A simple can-n-cap, found, signed, bing, bang, bo-wait a minute… What’s that? Alright, now I have something to talk about. Any of you ever hear of the Blood-Stained Banner? For those of you not familiar with it, it is the third and final national flag of the Confederacy. A smattering of the graves had fresh little ones placed on them, no doubt for Memorial Day just passed. Really? I could just feel the SALTS (SmiledScowled A Little Then Stopped) pass over my face. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t get upset over some monument somebody’s grandfather put up. I don’t even get too upset at something somebody’s father placed. But fresh stuff like this? That makes me livid. Especially for Memorial Day. So congratulations, random flag placer in or around Palo Pinto County. I’m awake now. Back on the road, grumbling inside, I made my way as quickly as reasonably possible to…

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