159. Weatherford, Parker County

It’s always nice to see some upkeep work being done on a courthouse.  Sure, there’s a few that are having serious work done, but I mean doing the necessary to keep it going and not letting it fall into a state that requires such serious work to be done.  Of course, county budgets should be primarily devoted to the upkeep of the citizenry and their needs so I get how building upkeep can become secondary in some places.  As a minor sidenote, Larry Hagman of Dallas and I Dream of Jeannie fame grew up here so they’ve got that going for them, too.  

That said, Weatherford seems to be semi-hip and happening.  I’m sure its proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth megalopolis is turning it into a suburb if it isn’t one already.  I’m certainly not going to talk crap about their square.  Not only is it a mix of old and new sitting next to each other, it’s busy as all get out.  It was hard enough to cross streets to get to the building at all.

Ugh.  They’ve also got an old itch for the boys in gray.  I guess I won’t get too salty about that, but it was already under my skin from earlier so whatever.  I just took the virtual at the courthouse.  I covered the appropriate so the photo wouldn’t give anything away to couch cachers, and then I got going.  I was going to need as much time as possible just to get out of the square.  But get out I did, taking one more step closer to home, stopping in…

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