245. San Augustine, San Augustine County

I learned something new here within 5 minutes of arrival!

There’s a statue on the grounds that told me of the existence of the American Plan for town layout. I didn’t know such a thing existed and, if I had ever given it any thought, I would have realized such a thing must exist. It very much explains why all these towns look the same though different. It’s not like all they would have organically grown the same way. Well, actually, when something is successful, I guess it’s very likely it would happen often. But, while the statue mentions the American Plan, I find no other reference on the giant library I access with the super computer in my pocket. I guess I’ll ask a city planner one day. Of course, by the time the chance comes around, I will probably have forgotten.

On a completely different note, what the heck kind of arboreal tree house kind of church is this?


There’s always a cemetery. Strangely enough, the cache was hidden by what I can only assume was a fake tombstone. It was a simple brass setup, a couple of pipes with the nameplate. It was unlike any other marker I saw in the place and covered partially in detritus, making me think it was fake, but there was a second one (assumedly his wife) paired with it, making me think it’s real. Either way, it was quite clever and it made me think of maybe having something similar made to hide in one of the local cemeteries in Austin. And again while I was here, I got a call from the same caching friends who called back in Cleburne, looking for a cache I had found previously. What are the odds? No matter what they were, I got going again, rolling down the road until I made it to…

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