244. Hemphill, Sabine County

A suitable courthouse. Not particularly impressive, but it’s at least a cut above some of the Sears’ catalog courthouses I saw up in the Panhandle. I didn’t particularly want to spend much time around here because, well, I’ve seen bayous before and bayous mean dampness. It’s already cold and breezy. Do we have to add wet? I was really looking to get somewhere drier at this point.


There’s always a cemetery. This one is a tiny cemetery outside of Hemphill proper. I actually popped over to the town cemetery first, but I didn’t feel like looking for a film canister in a tree at the edge of bayou-ish land abutting. This one turned out to be a large pill bottle at the foot of a largely overgrown bush. While it was a little harder to get into it than I thought it would be, on the whole it qualified as the proverbial easy peasy with just a hint of lemon squeezy. I did what I came all this way to do and then got back to moving again.

I had no cell service but for this, my final great trip, I managed to remember my trusty DeLorme guide. I figured out some directions the old fashioned way: on a map with road signs and junctions to lead me. Even though there were a couple of turnarounds to catch missed roads and a little bit of faith in my planning and routing involved, I ended up pulling right into the town square of…

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