243. Lufkin, Angelina County

School’s out for summer, right? So here’s the thing… The place was overrun with muggles. I never saw fewer than 10 at any given time, but there wasn’t an event. They were just loitering there: teens, adults, seniors, small families, groups. People would come and go, but the numbers would remain constant. Eventually, I just asked. Turns out that our courthouse is the most popular PokeStop in town.

Luckily, I didn’t have to go far for a cache. Someone was kind enough to place a nano in a decently hidden hunk of metal around the corner from the courthouse. I walked away from the ten people hanging around to do my proverbial business and, once the find was signed and returned, walked back to a different ten people.

Don’t take this to be a condemnation of Pokemon Go or any mocking thereof. As I mentioned in the very first entry of this site, I totally believe that Pokemon has made it much safer for me to even do this thing. I guess the county courthouse is as good a place to do it as anywhere else. I left those trying to catch them all behind in the rear view mirror and drove on down the road, arriving in…

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